Review on Nyati Travel

We started planning our 2015 journey in Zimbabwe and surrounding countries well ahead with Nyati Travel.

Zimbabwe is generally not regarded as a logic destination due to the reporting in the international media about the present state of affairs in the country. But we can wholeheartedly recommend all aspiring travellers to plan a longer stay in this fantastic nation. The natural beauty is unrivalled but above all, it is his population that makes an unforgettable impression: welcoming, open, communicative, helpful and with a extraordinary drive to make the best of it. We encountered no problem whatsoever, not from the authorities, let alone from the public. At the numerous police checkpoints we were consistently waved through. No attempts of theft or to fool us in any way, not in the cities or anywhere else.

About the service and assistance of Nyati’s partners Goof de Jong and André Bongers & staff, we can wholeheartedly recommend them. They had good suggestions for places to stay, they were fast and punctual in their follow-up of our numerous mails with extra requests and alterations of reservations in hotels and lodges.

Through Nyati we hired an extremely reliable and comfortable 1996 Nissan Patrol jeep that took us without any problems for 5100 kilometers through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique. Not even a puncture…

It was a pity they forgot to mention that it is now possible to buy multiple visas upon entry in Zimbabwe for Zambia, for example.

However, do seriously consider to book your next Southern African journey with this professional and friendly travel agency that throws it’s heart and soul into Zimbabwe and the travel business.

Lisbon, October 2015

Ernst Schade & Patricia Baetslé