Our super-short history of Zimbabwe starts when the country was enshrined in darkness. A few San people roamed all over the country. They left beautiful rock paintings, telling intricate stories in their bedrooms. Many of these can still be seen today.

2000 years ago, the Bantu people arrived from the grasslands of Tanzania. They created the first Kingdoms and built huge houses of stone.

Thereafter, in 1840, the Matabele people settled in the Southwest. This migration added some diversity to the population.


In 1850 the first British colonialist arrived. They developed the railway system and introduced electricity.

They took the land from the locals. They messed up everything for the next 120 years.


In 1980 the oppressed people liberated themselves and got the political power.

In 2000 they kicked the white people from their farms.

In the meantime, the Chinese came in big numbers and never left.


IN 2017 the liberated felt oppressed again and re-liberated themselves using the army.

In 2018 the new president took over the Presidency using an Excel-sheet.

Soon after, a new darkness was introduced – one that lasts for roughly 18 hours per day.

However, this does not mark the end of the country’s super-short history. Thousands of people still currently visit Zimbabwe.

They try to find out more about its amazing history, its rich culture and they go on safaris to watch giraffes and lions, and enjoy nature at its rawest, most untouched form.

We, at Nyati Travel, are keen to assist them.

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