Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation Mid-Year Update Feature

Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation Mid-Year Update

2017 has thus far been a successful, if stressful, year at Imire. So for those interested on what they have been up to and where the time has flown by so instantly, Nyati Travel has you covered with this Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation Mid-Year Update.

Conservation Efforts

Harare International School 24-Hour Run

Imire are extremely proud to have taken part in a 24-Hour Run at Harare International School. Raising money for an “anti-poaching dogs” initiative to protect wildlife in Zimbabwe. HIS students and staff impressively kept a sash moving non-stop around the sports field for 24 Hours and the Imire team has a representative running at all times for the full period!

The gorgeous “Murwi” pup who is currently undergoing intensive training will assist in the ongoing protection of the endangered rhino and will be of invaluable assistance to the anti-poaching team in the field.

Game Capture

Imire is proud to have recently taken part in a ground-breaking capture. Involving sending more than 250 individual animals, including, impala; blesbok; wildebeest and warthog, from Zimbabwe. To repopulate newly protected conservation areas all the way in DRC!

The volunteers assisted physically with the game capture. Constructing a temporary capture boma with an opening and curtains, and helping to round up and sedate as many animals as safely and as calmly as possible.

Restocking areas where natural populations of wildlife have been decimated by poaching is one of the most important roles of smaller conservancies. Game capture was exciting, overwhelming, emotionally and physically testing for all involved. A once in a lifetime experience for the team, volunteers and guests who were lucky enough to participate


The Imire community has been generously assisted by Susan Janetti of the Zimbabwe Gecko Societyand her wonderful Canadian team of volunteers, in the building of a brand-new, fully functioning Vocational Centre. The centre is packed to the hilt with incredible machinery, supplies and resources. It offers local men and women a multitude of carpentry and craft, skill development opportunitites. We cannot wait to share more with you about the projects that will come out of this exciting centre.

Imire Vocational Centre Under Construction


Imire facilitated the donation of educational books, toys and gifts from generous donors from across the world to pre-school children from around the Hwedza area. It is always a priviledge and a great joy to see hundreds of children’s’ faces light up when they receive such a welcome abundance of gifts. For those who are willing to be a part of this initiative, find out more about how you can help, here.