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Take a 5 day tour of mystery and wildlife

Individual Tour to Masvingo and Gonarezhou

This tour is a self-drive (ask for a quotation in case you prefer a guided drive)




Harare > Masvingo > Gonarezhou National Park > Harare


After breakfast you depart Harare for Masvingo, the home of the famous Great Zimbabwe Ruins. The journey takes about 4 to 5 hours.

Zimbabwe – meaning big house made of stone – derived its name from the massive stonewalls found at Great Zimbabwe. Historians and archaeologists are still excited about this place. The ruins are surrounded by unanswered questions: Who built them? Where are the graves of the deceased leaders? Why was it abandoned? We advise you to take at least 2 to 3 hours for your visit, guided by one of the excellent local guides. Park fees are payable directly: USD 15 per person, a guide (highly advisable) is USD 5 per person.

Overnight in Lodge at the Ancient city.

Breakfast included.



The drive to Gonarezhou takes about 4 hours. Any journey into the heart of Gonarezhou begins with the realisation that this is wild country. It is one of Africa’s last remaining pristine wildernesses and we are all privileged to be a visitor here. The animals are in their most natural state at Gonarezhou. This is a country of red sandstone, thorny scrub and baobabs. Buffalo gather at watering holes, big cats prowl silently in pursuit of painted impala, hippo wallow midstream attended by squadrons of fluttering birds. The presence of elephants is everywhere. Weather exhilarating game drives through the park, excursions to the epic Chilojo Cliffs, or a day spent bird watching, there is a wide range of activities to suit every guest. When the day is done and you’ve enjoyed sun downers on the Save River, sleep will come easy. You know when you wake, it will be there waiting for you, all over again.

Overnight in Chilo Gorge Lodge (3 nights)

All meals and activities are included, park fees and community fees are included.


The journey to Harare via Masvingo is a long one, a distance of 550 km, about 8 hours in total.

Your choices

  • Self-Drive
    In case you want to upgrade your car we can provide you with options using the fleets if our trading partners Europcar and Avis.

    Includes:  standard car, Toyota Harrier or similar, day 1 – day 1, unlimited mileage, one-way fee, fully comprehensive insurance

  • With Experienced Driver/Guide
    We will be using our own cars as described above. Driven by an excellent driver who is also your guide. The feedback we get from our clients about our drivers/guide has been excellent.

    Includes:  standard car, Toyota Harrier, day 1 – day 5, unlimited mileage, fuel, one-way fee, fully comprehensive insurance, all costs for driver (accommodation, meals, wages, overtime), toll fees.

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