Linda Harrower, England

We enjoyed our travels around Zimbabwe, and what good fortune it was for us to have Crinias as our driver. Crinias was at all times professional, courteous and friendly, and of course an excellent driver. He remained quite unruffled at the numerous road blocks we encountered, and although we never felt threatened at any time, it was comforting not to have to deal with the police ourselves.
Having come to Zimbabwe with low expectations in terms of food, accommodation and infrastructure, I was pleasantly surprised on all fronts. Almost every Zimbabwean we had contact with amicable and eager to please, and after my absence of nearly 20 years I found not much had changed in Harare at least. I appreciate being a tourist is not the same as being permanently resident, but our 4 days in Harare was a very pleasant surprise for me. Similarly, our time in the tourist spots was equally enjoyable.
I hope to persuade friends and family in Europe to visit Zimbabwe and of course I will steer them in the direction of Nyati Travel (or maybe plan their trips in conjunction with you ?). I do a lot of independent travelling, and am quite experienced at putting trips together with the assistance of local agents. I would love to get involved in promoting Zimbabwe to those who want to visit but have no idea where to begin.