Imagine it’s a Saturday, you want to do something different with your family. But the problem is you miss chicken makaya and maybe you also miss brown sadza (sadza rezviyo) too. Also inadvertently your teenage daughter wants something exotic, and she heard that Moroccan food is delicious. But well, this is Zimbabwe, so hey, rather just stay at home. Go ahead, JUST IMAGINE, ‘WHAT IF?’.

Now also imagine there was a place you could get all that and more at a very great prices that offer value for money. A place where you could get farm produce fresh from the village. Have kids on a jumping castle. Get a taste of not just traditional Zimbabwean dishes, but several traditional dishes from different African countries all in one place.

YES! An African Village Market and Food Court plus Play Centre rolled into one. Namibian cuisine, Swaziland, Botswana, Moroccan and even Nigerian cuisine all in one place. It’s been long in planning and yes its happening. ZONFA and its partners are setting up an ethnic village market place with Mbare prices but Hollywood service. You can buy a ‘roadrunner’ chicken to take home after a sumptuous dinner in any country’s kitchen of your choice. That’s not all, You can also be part of it. They are looking for daring & innovative, entrepreneurs, to run the different kitchens and other businesses.

Here are some of the reasons you should be excited about EKHAYENI – THE AFRICAN VILLAGE

Here are the reasons why you should be excited about Ekhayeni – The African Village, Opening 1 August 2017. The opening of Ekhayeni – The African Village brings with it an array of new shopping and lifestyle choices. There to inspire and nurture healthy communities, by building a Local and Sustainable Traditional African Food Supply System in a Vibrant, Diverse and Inclusive Market place. While promoting Cultural and Heritage Tourism. Country themed and built within 1.2 Hectares of architectural beauty and creative design, the Village blends the desires and needs of any shopper.

The African Village has the following features:

African Traditional Food Outlets – A Chance to Delight in a diverse African Cuisines:

The African Village will be home to a number of Africa’s Traditional Food Outlets offering an array of an exotic fusion of culinary delights, blending both traditional and contemporary dishes that bring the authentic and diverse taste of Africa’s finest cooking to you.

Ekhayeni - African-Village Map
Ekhayeni - African-Village in Pictures

Ekhayeni – The African Village brings you the taste of the Real Africa, all encapsulated within a shopping environment that has been designed to entertain and inspire. Make sure you book out the weekend of 4 – 5 August 2017 to experience the launch of Ekhayeni – The African Village!