First of all, to everyone who doubt of travelling to Zimbabwe. Do not doubt and go. Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful countries in the world an besides a cash problem, it is perfectly save to travel. Especially with the help of Nyati travel.

We support an orphanage in Nyanga Zimbabwe and usually we only travel from and to Nyanga.  This year we travelled with family who had never been in Zimbabwe before. We asked Nyati to prepare us a nice trip.  Goof arranged a nice mini-van with a chauffeur. The chauffeur we got was John. John is a very nice guy, an excellent driver and very helpful. He known’s his way around as well as his history.

The trip started in our Orphanage in Nyanga. John drove us there, and of course we stayed in the orphanage. From there, we drove to Leopard rock. A beautiful hotel, in the mountains, a perfect spot to relax and to play golf on one of the most beautiful golf courts in the world. From Nyanga booked a very nice accommodation close to the great Zimbabwe ruins. After that, Nyati booked a beautiful loge, a kind in Hwange national park. This was not only the accommodation,  but a full board including 2 days game drive. After Hwange we had a bed and breakfast in Victoria Falls. I discussed with Good before what kind of style we liked in hotels/accommodations and Goof understood this perfectly. All  hotels, guesthouses and or accommodations had a nice African style, where clean and at a good location.

Goof booked our airline tickets form Victoria Falls as well. Unfortunately we missed our flight and Goof arranged all kind of options for our return tickets.

If you consider to travel to Zimbabwe, then go ! If you want an excellent vacation, ask Nyati to arrange this trip. But do bring cash money!!

Ruud  van den Berkmortel,

Helmond, the Netherlands.