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A short description of 3 top Golf Courses in Harare.


Foreign tourists usually fly into Harare, and rush to get out as quickly as possible, as if they are running away from a disease.

Johannesburg, Lusaka and Nairobi face the same problem. Whilst cities like New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney and Beijing attract huge numbers of visitors, easily spending there a week or more, African cities seem to be places to be avoided, with Cape Town being the only exception.

Hararians perceive their city as a place where they earn a living. The place they call Home is the family farm in Banket or the village (Musha) near Gutu, where their grandfathers were born. A Berliner is proud to be a Berliner, but I have never heard someone say: “I am proud to be Hararian”.

So how does one promote a product whose maker is not proud of it?


I suspect that tour operators do not promote Harare either. They think tourists don’t enjoy towns and are simply here to look for a giraffe or a lion. A misconception of the first order.


However, insiders know better.  Visitors do like to interact with the People, the locals. Not only do they like to interact with the waiters, drivers and guides, but tourists are usually interested in meeting and interacting with the people of Zimbabwe.  Harare has plenty of those! But, where does one meet them? Local flea markets, Mbare Musika or townships are ideal and welcoming places where outsiders will be safe and comfortable, especially in the company of a local guide. Harare has a wide variety of restaurants, pubs, bars and other eating places where one can socialize and mingle. Here one can find and meet the Hararians. They have a great sense of humour, are very welcoming and never shy to chat with anyone. The huge urban arts scene in Harare is relatively unknown to outsiders. The National Gallery, Reps Theatre, Alliance Française with the Restaurant Chez Zandi and Theatre in the Park are just a few of the many where one can go local. These are all great places with mainly young performers of all sorts of art forms who have great talent. Not to forget are the new class of stand-up comedians who are all very different but have a typical raw type of city humour.

There are a good number of pubs all over the place, friendly, safe and entertaining.

Then there are the typical places to see around Harare: the local Bushmen rock paintings, the amazing and breath-taking views at Domboshava meaning “red hill” in Shona , the mountain called Goma Kurira meaning where the drums drum, the Balancing Rocks in Epworth, Lake Chivero, the Queen Victoria Museum and the many galleries with beautiful pieces of Stone Sculptures and local art. The National Gallery in Harare City Centre offers a bit of Contemporary Art and has a beautiful garden cafe where one can mingle with some local people.


Harare is an African city full of hobbyists. It has many active societies and clubs with special interests: fauna, gardening, trees, flowers, orchids, archaeology, history, wildlife, fishing, rock climbing, philately, photography and many more. Do you have a hobby? If yes, with a bit of research, you will find your fellows in Harare.


Sometimes you need a non-Hararian, like me, to tell how interesting and likeable the place is. Indeed, its treasures are a bit hidden and sadly they are not sign posted like the national parks in Zimbabwe. It needs a bit of courage and research to walk on unfrequented paths, but I assure you that the rewards are definitely worth it.

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January 2020







The seventh edition of Sanganai/Hlanganani will run from 16-18 October 2014 at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC). The fair will this year seek to break new grounds in a bid to create the much needed value for exhibitors. The repositioning of the fair will see a new thrust and focus on providing a business to business exchange earmarked for key decision makers who can conclude business deals and establish relationships on site. A diverse range of activities are lined up and will see expertise exchange and capacity building platforms for tourism professionals and Professional Conference Organisers.

The buyers for this year’s edition will go through a thorough selection criteria which is jointly pioneered by ZTA and the Tourism Industry through the Joint Marketing Committee. It was seen prudent to raise the bar of the fair for it to compete with the renowned Indaba and such a focus will indeed mark the beginning of a wide networking forum.

Registration is in progress and demand for key strategic spots has seen more accommodation facilities registering.

Follow-ups are still being made to which we would like to encourage exhibitors to confirm participation so as to avoid last minute disappointments.

The exhibition space for this year will take a different turn from the previous editions as exhibitors will be more centralised than more widely spread.

For registration contact:

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority
55 Samora Machel
3rd Floor

Tel: +263 4 758712-4

Maybe it is not known to you: besides buses for private hire, Nyati Travel provides small chauffeur/guide driven cars (including 4 x 4) for your short term visitors from US$ 70 per day around Harare.

We also do day-trips around Harare visiting various interesting places like Museums and Galleries, Lake Chivero, Domboshava Balancing Rocks and our favorite place: Goma Kurira.

Of course there is so much more around. Canoe trips, houseboats, Nyanga, Masvingo, Matopos, Hwange, Vicfalls, Kariba – the list is endless.

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