The 5 Best Zimbabwe Tours and Experiences

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Zimbabwe best 5 tours and experiences maybe a little out of reach for the time being, no thanks to COVID, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get nostalgic over some of our favourite spots the country has to offer.

We’re optimistic that the world will return to some semblance of normalcy. And when it does, we’re excited that domestic travel will be the first to rebound, not just in Zimbabwe but worldwide.
So while this is list is aimed a little more towards the locals – we’re hoping it’ll also be available to international tourists too.

Flights to and from Zimbabwe are starting up again, albeit slowly. If you’ll need a car rental for added independence, you can hire one with us.


The capital of Zimbabwe is our recommended experience if you need to get out for a day after the COVID blues.

You can hop out of bed in the morning and set off to some amazing national parks tours – early morning game viewing and a delicious lunch at the top of the day.

By the afternoon, you can either enjoy the sunset with some evening/ night game viewing or set off to the beautiful, mysterious Domboshwa mountain and caves.

Dinner can be soulful local cuisine or a restaurant out on the town. Harare takes the number one spot for us because even in the bustling city, you can fall asleep to Africa’s soundtrack.

There’re museums, events, a bustling night-life and many other activities that make Zimbabwe’s capital deserving of the number one spot on your post-COVID bucket-list. If it isn’t, get in touch with us. We’d love to change your mind.

Bonus Tip:

For those on business, there’re trendy cafes and well equipped, cosy-modern guesthouses. Enterprise-focused facilities are great for bigger companies looking to run workshops and seminars.

The number 1 Zimbabwean tour and experience, Harare. Photo collage of a wildebeest, domboshawa mountain, the sunset and Harare city at night
View of Chilojo Cliffs in Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe

No.2 Gonarezhou

There are few experience and tours one can take in Zimbabwe that comes as close to the majesty of Gonarezhou – “The Place of the Elephants”.

You can almost fly directly into Gonarezhou, otherwise, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

The area is known for its huge elephant populations. And they’re quite an interesting bunch too.

They’re a little smaller than most African elephants but pack twice the attitude. It’s exactly this temperament, however, that makes them a joy to behold.
There isn’t a single place in Africa that has a population density of elephant-like Gonarezhou does, you can go camping with the basics, or take luxury and still be so close to the wild – magic!

A small pack of wild dogs in Mana Pools, one of the best safari destinations in Zimbabwe

No.3 Mana Pools

Definitely one of the best, if not the best safari one can take part in Zimbabwe. A truly magnificent area of beauty, so much so that BBC wildlife series Dynasties, from David Attenborough, filmed their fourth episode focusing on wild dogs.

The endangered carnivore, also known as the painted dog, is one of nature’s most efficient killers – scoring just above an 80% kill rate on their packs hunts. These extremely cute, unbelievably intelligent predators share the lay of the land with the area’s usual suspects: lions, crocodiles, nyati, elephants, hippos and many more.

Mana lands at number 3 only because of its seasonality. During the first 2 months and the last 2 months of the year, travel and wildlife viewing are impossible due to the rainy season and the resultant thick bush. That aside, it’s arguably the best safari spot in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe is easily the most underrated adventure destination. Besides great experiences and destinations, there’re plenty of things to actually do. Let’s look at a shortlist from least adrenaline-inducing (but equally adventurous!) to most.

  • The Eastern Highlands and Chimanimani. Hire a car, throw in some camping gear, or rent out a self-catering cottage. You’re set to explore the beautiful ranges spanning two countries, and featuring the country’s highest peaks. There is also some amazing kayaking, hiking and canoeing in the Eastern Highlands.
  • Camping in general. Seriously. We’re convinced there’s nowhere else on the continent, nay the world, where you’re quite literally the only people at the campsite. Add campsite fires and the African soundtrack to fall asleep to? Garden of Eden.
  • Kariba definitely deserves a spot on this list. You can (cage) swim with the crocodiles, but can also enjoy lazy, relaxed days on the water. There’s lots of wildlife in the beautiful surrounding safari region, with no shortage of activities on the water.
  • Adrenaline city – Victoria Falls. Gorge swinging, bungee jumping, whitewater rafting and skydiving. End your day with a cool-down in the Devils Pool, or take part in a wonderfully tailored safari.
Number 4 best Zimbabwean tour and experience, adventure. Adventure Photo Grid of bungee jumping in Victoria Falls, a campsite fire, elephants in Victoria Falls and 4x4 car hire
Chinhoyi Caves, the fifth best experience, Zimbabwe

No. 5 Chinhoyi Caves

Possibly the most hauntingly beautiful experience in Zimbabwe. The Chinhoyi Caves are a mysterious, breath-taking set of caves, situated north-west of Zimbabwe’s capital.

While Zimbabwe has some of the best safaris you can take part in Africa, this is an experience we simply couldn’t leave this off the list.

Chinhoyi Caves are steeped in tradition and mystery. It’s a hot-spot for technical scuba divers, as the depths of the pools within the caves can reach over 100 metres.

The water is crystal clear and maintains a temperature of about 20 degrees throughout the year – something that still has scientific analyses baffled to this day.

The caves form some of the most intricate tunnel systems in Zimbabwe. We think it’s definitely worth checking out if you have a free day or free weekend coming up on your calendar.

We want to hear from you!

That wraps up our The Best 5 Zimbabwe Tours and Experiences list.

There’s obviously loads more on offer, so keep your eye on this list as it will be updated in the future! If there’re any Zimbabwean destinations, safaris, tours and experiences you think we left out, leave us a comment and share your thoughts.

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